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How to Use the Coupon

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If you’ve already got a RegCure Pro shopping cart open, you can close it. If you’ve already scanned with RegCure Pro, don’t worry – the program will remember any detected errors. Even if you close RegCure Pro it will remember detected errors until they are fixed.


Sharing the Coupon

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Why Use Our Coupon?

Well, for one thing you won’t find a better one online. But you already knew that. Equally important is that our coupon links are 100% secure and reliable. Some discount sites may offer coupons, but the coupons are surrounded by ads and other links. Trying to find what is the coupon and what isn’t can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

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How We Deal with Manufacturers

Our policy on coupons is simple: give the biggest discount you can possibly afford to give. Then give more. The more companies give for a discount, the more likely that you, and other consumers, will buy.

Some businesses have a problem, and want to hold on to their standard retail price. Not so with ParetoLogic. After we explained that our unique coupons would sell so many more copies of RegCure Pro, they have no choice but to help us create the coupon.  In fact, they made a bigger coupon than we even asked for.

How can they do this? ParetoLogic offers their programs for digital download only. There are no disks, no boxes, and no shipping. So although they need to pay their developers, programmers, and support staff, the overhead is greatly reduced. As a result, they can permit a much larger coupon than otherwise.

Why RegCure Pro?

Now, we at regcureprocoupon.com are already big fans of RegCure Pro. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t have gone to all the work to make this website! But with our talks with ParetoLogic, we’ve learned even more about this popular registry cleaner.

For one thing, it’s not just a registry cleaner. It’s an everything cleaner.

RegCure Pro includes a lot in the main scan, including:

  • Registry cleaner
  • Privacy scanner
  • Junk file remover
  • Privacy file remover
  • Performance problem finder

These are all individual scans which could be standalone products, but they are bundled together in RegCure Pro’s main scan. Depending on your PC, these scans will do everything from stopping errors to improving speed, as well as removing attacking malware, making your information more safe, and more.

Plus, we discovered that there was a pile of stuff we didn’t even know about. If you click on the “Tools” button, you can see the following:

Process Manager

This tool gives you a glimpse into what is running on your PC right now. It will let you know what’s hogging resources, and what’s just hiding in the background

Startup Manager

PC starting up too slow? The Startup Manager tool is an easy way to control what starts when you start your PC.

File Manager

Ever try to open a file and find out that you don’t have the right program? The File Manager  automatically detects the necessary program to open any file, and puts it right in front of you.


If you’ve been around computers for a while, defragging may sound familiar. RegCure Pro has a straightforward defragging tool to free up space and boost performance.

BHO Manager

Despite the weird name, the BHO Manager is incredibly helpful. BHO, or Browser Helper Object, is another word for a toolbar. With this tool, you can quickly remove the unwanted toolbars you’ve got clogging up your browser.

That’s a lot of stuff to pack into one program!

After You’ve Bought

Once you’ve used our coupon to buy RegCure Pro, you will be provided with your registration key right away. Enter it into RegCure Pro and now the program is ready to fix your PC.

If you have any questions, don’t worry. ParetoLogic offers completely free support for all users and customers. Plus, their technical support staff is located in the ParetoLogic home offices in Victoria, Canada, so you know the person you speak to isn’t on the other side of the world.

If you decide that RegCure Pro is not for you, then ParetoLogic has got you covered there too. You have up to 30 days to collect a full refund. Remember, you have about a month to claim your refund – we suggest that you give the program a week or two, and we’re sure it will impress you.

One More Chance

Here’s that RegCure Pro Coupon link one more time. Simply put, you won’t find a better deal anywhere else.